Bearded Dugouts
Bearded - 4-Inch Wood Dugout System $16.99
Bearded brings dugout lovers a dude design that's tough, feels rough in your hand and features a light weight wood design. Bearded dugouts are easy to use and comes complete with a glass bat for a cleaner, tastier smoke. Made in USA. Choose Bearded dugouts in 5 wood choices: Aerobic Cedar, African Mahogany, Bubinga, Cherry, and Walnut. Large - measurements: 4” H/ 1.5”L/ 0.75” W Weight: 1.30 oz.
RYOT - Magnetic Wood Poker Sleeve $3.00
RYOT Wooden Magnetic Poker Sleeve. Finish Options: Walnut and Black. Magnetically secured poker. Includes one metal poker tool. 3 in 1 tool: Poker, Tamper, and Scraper. Available in short and long.
RYOT - Magnetic 3 & 4-Inch Wood Dugout System from $24.00
Made from solid machined wood styles, the RYOT Taster Box is the perfect dugout system for those looking to get an all-in-one pocket dugout. RYOT Taster Box offers a magnetic lid, tobacco storage, a pipe slot & built-in poker cleaning rod.Choose RYOT Taster Box large or small and in 5 colors: rosewood, walnut, bamboo, maple & black.Large - measurements: 4” H/ 2”L/ 0.65” WWeight: 1.6oz. / 45g.Small - measurements: 3” H/ 2”L/ 0.65” W Weight: 1.4oz. / 40g.Note: Taster pipe bat sold separately.
Bad Ash
Bad Ash - Dugout & One-Hitter Brass Pipe 4-Inch Exotic... $28.99
A simple, stylish dugout smoking system for herb users. Bring a little bit of retro style back to the way you smoke your herbs with the 4-inch Bad Ash Dugout & Brass One-Hitter System. Bad Ash dugout consists of a handcrafted swivel-lid wood box with a hybrid 3-inch all brass bladed-tip one-hitter wrapped in wood. Just like the old days, this classic dugout system is made to last. The Bad Ash dugout sports two compartments - one for securely storing your herbs and one for the one-hitter (which conveniently slides out.) For those who demand quality without compromising convenience, the Bad Ash dugout allows you to partake in smoke 'em if ya got 'em moments. Made in Franklin, Indiana, USA. Compatible with the 3-inch hybrid brass & wood one-hitter. Choose Bad Ash Dugout in five wood styles: Chakte Viga, Mahogany, Paduk, Purpleheart, and Walnut. Includes:DugoutHybrid Brass & Wood one-hitterLaser etched logo Weight: 1.80 oz.Measurement: 4" H/ 1.75" L/ 0.75" W
Bad Ash
Bad Ash - One-Hitter Pipe 3-Inch Brass & Exotic Wood $8.99
A hybrid one-hitter for herb users made from brass and exotic woods to smoke herbs in style. The Bad Ash hybrid brass & wood 3-inch one-hitter pipe is compact, portable and durable. The one-hitter offers a sharp bladed-edge bowl that slices through herbs for easy loading and it’s made using exotic woods. Provided with an inner brass design, you'll enjoy a cooler smoke and easy cleaning. Made in Franklin, Indiana, USA. Compatible with the 4-inch dugout smoking system. Choose Bad Ash One-Hitter in five wood styles: Chakte Viga, Mahogany, Paduk, Purpleheart, and Walnut. Weight: 0.34 oz.Measurement: 3" H/ 0.25" D
Vapor Genie
Vapor Genie - Spiral Hand-Carved Vaporizer $79.00
Vapor Genie is the world's first vaporizer pipe that uses a patented high purity inert silicon carbide ceramic flame filter, made of silicon and carbon. The flame filter acts as a heat transport where heat and cool air are combined to create vapors! The Vapor Genie will not be clogged with tar, because very little tar is produced by vaporization! The Vapor Genies flame filter does not burn or deteriorate, since it doesn't contain metals, thus eliminating replacement! Nevertheless, for added filtration, Vapor Genie uses a 316 stainless steel mesh screen - the most chemically inert alloy of stainless steel. Simply, twist off the top portion of the pipe containing the flame filter to unveil the bowl. Loosely pack the bowl with grounded s, twist the flame filter back on, and apply flame while inhaling to create vapors.
Elevate Accessories
Elevate Accessories - Mini Hitter 3-Inch Glass One Hitter Pipe $39.99
The Elevate Accessories Mini Hitter glass pipe is an elegant one-hitter with a wooden mouthpiece. Take more herb with you on the go with the deep bowl. When fully packed, you can get 4-5 hits of dry herb. The wood mouthpiece easily detaches from the glass for easy cleaning. The pipe is 3” long, making it perfect for the traveling smoker. The wooden mouthpiece etched with the Elevate logo makes this a sophisticated one-hitter.Measurements: 3" H/ 0.25" D
Elevate Accessories
Elevate Accessories - 14er Joint Tip Wood $19.99
The Elevate Accessories 14er Joint Tip wood is a sophisticated joint accessory. Keep your joints dry, not soggy, with the elegant wood joint tip finish. An etched Elevate logo appears on the side of the hexagon-shaped tip. Elevate Accessories hand buffs each tip in 100% natural carnauba wax. The wood will naturally condition over time. You can wipe the tip clean with a dry paper towel, or apply a small amount of coconut oil if the wood appears dry.Measurements: 1.25" H/ 0.350" D

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