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CleanBuzz® Technologies founded in 2021, is a forward thinking and innovative smoking accessories company headquartered in San Diego CA, USA, and is on a mission to provide herb connoisseurs all over the world an alternative smoking pipe called the CastAway Pipe System™. A pipe that that delivers an amazingly fresh smoking experience using a proprietary disposable bowl liner called, “Trap the Crap™, filled with ceramic beads, and covered with a 60 mesh stainless steel screen. CastAway Pipe System is a high-tech herb pipe system that significantly upgrades the consumer’s smoking experience by trapping messy, unsavory, unhealthy tars in a disposable bowl liner for easy cleaning after use. This patent-pending pipe passes through to the user all the desirable components (terpenes) of medicinal or recreational cannabis while removing the tars, so it uniquely enhances every smoking experience, delivering better flavor, more safety and no more tar-clogged pipes.

Clean Buzz Technologies

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