PYPTEK takes pride in crafting all their hand pipes locally in Denver, Colorado. PYPTEK uses a combination of state of the art 3D printers, old fashioned metal working, and real life glass blowers to create all the parts and pieces that make up their highly-engineered line of indestructible aluminum exoskeleton Prometheus Pipes. This means that every PYPTEK pipes are a little bit unique, and is built with love by an entire team of craftsmen and engineers before it gets to you. PYPTEK Prometheus pipes includes, the everyday compact Pocket Pipe, the massive Titan Pipe and Nano Chillum. The name Prometheus comes from ancient Greek mythology. Prometheus was a Titan god of forethought. Prometheus stole fire and bestowed it upon man. Zeus was not very happy about this and chained Prometheus to a cliff where each day his heart was eaten out by a vulture. Although Prometheus was not very popular amongst the immortals, he was recognized and honored by all of humanity for providing them with fire. Crazy, right?


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